Reactor Documentation

Everything you want to know about using Reactor.


Reactor uses the WordPress Customizer to allow you to change the theme in many different ways. The idea was to give the user some universal decisions while leaving most custom design in the child theme.

Site Title
Changes the title for the site. This appears in the browser as the title of the site and in the header of the web site itself. Also changes the option in Settings → General for the Site Title.

Changes the tagline option. The tagline acts as a subtitle for the site. It appears after the site title in the browser while viewing the home page. It is also displayed below the title in the Reactor Header. This changes the option in Settings → General for Tagline.

Show Title & Tagline
Toggles show or hide the site title and tagline in the Reactor header above the content. The site title and tagline will still show in the browser.

Site Logo
Upload an image to be used as a logo. The image will be displayed in the header of the site, to the left of the site title and tagline. It is recommended that this image be relatively small.

Upload an image to be used as a favicon. This will override the default Reactor favicon. It appears in the browser and when someone bookmarks the page. This image should be very small (ex 32px x 32px).

Footer Site Info
Change the text in the footer that displays the copyright and powered by sources.