Reactor Documentation

Everything you want to know about using Reactor.

Getting Started

Getting started with Reactor is simple. This guide will walk you through some of the basic steps to set it up.

Installing Reactor

Installing Reactor is easy. After you have downloaded the theme, find the Install Themes tab in WordPress. It’s located in Appearance → Themes. Click the Upload link and upload the theme as a .zip file.

You may also upload Reactor to the /wp-content/themes/ directory of your WordPress installation. Either way you want to do it, after it has been installed go ahead and activate it.

Important note about child themes

Reactor can be used as a parent theme. It is highly recommended that you create a child theme for Reactor if you’re going to make changes to the theme files or functions. There is a blank child theme available to get you started.

Read more about child themes

Create Some Pages

1. Publish at least two new pages that will be used as the Home page and a Blog.

2. Under Page Attributes, select the Front Page template for the Home page and Default Template for the Blog.
Note: You can create as many pages as you want later using the page templates, but at least make a home page for this step.

3. Navigate to Settings → Reading. Select the radio button for A static page. Then set the Home page you just created as Front page and the Blog as Posts page.

Setup The Menus

1. In Appearance → Menus, add a new menu by giving it a name and adding your pages to it. Then click Save Menu.

2. Select from the Theme Locations where you would like the Menu to go. Click Save and your menu should appear on the theme.
Note: Menus will not appear on the front-end if there is not a menu assigned to the location. Menu locations are covered in more detail in the Navigation section of these docs.

Custom Post Types

That wraps up the basic installation of Reactor. In order to really get rolling with this theme, you’ll have to create some posts.

Learn more about the Custom Post Types »